Castle Dale City Council Debates Alcohol License


An R-Pizza-Place representative stood before the Castle Dale City Council on Thursday and requested a 90-day alcohol license.

The representative said the restaurant wants a temporary license to test how the community responds. Owners believe they can turn a profit from beer sales, especially with the influx of overhaul workers in the area.

Councilmen had mixed reactions to the request.

Councilman Julie Johansen-Pizzuto said, “I wouldn’t take my grandkids there anymore if they were selling beer.”

“I don’t see a huge problem with it because beer goes well with pizza,” Councilman Kollette Cologie said. “For the record, I don’t drink beer. I just wanted to give (the business) a fair chance.”

Councilmen also discussed the need for age-appropriate employees and strong carding requirements for customers.

“I know (R-Pizza-Place) is flooded with high school students and it concerns me,” Mayor Neal Peacock said. “Employees might find it easy to sell (beer) to those high school students.”

The request was tabled so councilmen could review any laws and ordinances that may apply.

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