Castle Dale City Council Discusses Cemetery Plans


With the approval by city council members, Castle Dale Cemetery will be undergoing a beautification process in hopes of giving off a new and improved environment aspect for the community.

On Thursday evening, the council listened to Castle Dale Fire Chief Ignacio Arrien, who is also over maintenance for the city, talk about the cemetery process. He informed the council about three projects that will begin this summer. They include ground leveling, fixing and adjusting the sprinkler system and straightening rows of the cemetery that are in need.

Ground leveling includes fixing the spots where some of the older headstones have sunken into the ground. With the new leveling, they are able to fix the divots and bring the headstones back up. These projects plus more to come will be under construction each summer for the next three to five years until they are completed. Mayor Danny Van Wagoner wants the citizens to see that this process will be a big effort and a positive gain to the community.  

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