Castle Dale City Council Discusses Noise Ordinance


Castle Dale City Councilmen were forced to table all issues at Thursday’s meeting because Mayor Neil Peacock was taking care of other responsibilities; however, councilmen did discuss a number of City issues.

Concerns about a rigid noise ordinance were expressed to councilmen.

Councilmen said they would consider adjusting the ordinance to a later time of the night during firework season. Councilmen also said that planned noises during quiet hours could be allowed, but written requests would need to go through Peacock.

Peacock would review the requests and could provide a written exemption permit for planned events.


  • Some citizens complained that their garbage cans were partially full after the garbage truck stopped at their houses. Councilmen suggested asking garbage collectors to allow the cans to hang upside down a little longer to let gravity work on the trash.
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