Castle Dale City Council Discusses Snow Removal And Water Leaks


Castle Dale City Council discussed several items at a meeting on Thursday evening.

The first item on the agenda was a request for a donation to the Castle Dale Elementary PTA for a new sign. The sign would either hang on the front of the school or it would be placed in the grass at the front of it. The council told Jennifer Donaldson, the PTA president, to ask the school board for the money first. They said to come back after the school board had been approached and they would reconsider a donation.

The next item of business was a discussion on establishing a city policy for water leaks. After much discussion, it was decided that the city would pay for 50% of the overage if the homeowner immediately responds to remedy the situation and if their bill is current at the time.

The council also discussed items that should be on a short, medium and long list for the CIB (Community Impact Board). It was decided that relocation of the sewer lagoons and a new city building should be on the short term list, an amphitheater will be on the medium list and covered salt storage would be on the long-term list.

The next items on the agenda were fire hydrant inspections and a snow removal policy. Ignacio Arrien, Castle Dale Fire Chief, said that the hydrants would all be tested in the upcoming year. After, they will be on a rotating schedule and 25% of the hydrants will be tested each year for four years.

The mayor also commented that he has received several phone calls complaining about the snow removal in Castle Dale. The complaints were that workers were removing snow when it was not necessary. Arrien explained why they remove snow when they do and he also explained what roads were a priority when removing snow. The council asked Arrien to write down that information so that they will have a policy in writing. Mayor Van Wagoner also told Arrien that “they do a phenomenal job of snow removal” and thanked him for his service.

Mayor Van Wagoner also discussed a swimming pool issue that had been brought to his attention. When the swimming pool was built, a handshake deal of $10,000 a year for 10 years was promised. Castle Dale City has honored that promise since the pool was built in 2008, until last year. Because funds were so low, they decided to stop giving the pool the funds.

“We need to take care of this obligation,” mayor Van Wagoner said. It was decided that they would speak to county commissioners about this issue and attempt to get it resolved.

Also at the meeting, Doug Moreno appeared before the council with an ordinance report. The council asked him to board up any abandoned homes so that children can’t get into the houses and hurt themselves.

Before the meeting closed, Dixie Thompson mentioned that the Youth City Council had helped write 123 letters from Santa, and they were eager to help and had done a great job. Joel Dorsch also thanked everyone for helping with the town Christmas party. He said that they fed over 300 people and received many compliments. He believed that the party was a great success.


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