Castle Dale City Council Gets Down to Business


By Julie Johansen

The Castle Dale City Council conducted three public hearings at its regular June meeting on Thursday evening. The hearings were hosted to receive public comment on the Seasonal Temporary Premises Occupation Ordinance, the city’s general plan and rezoning of property. There were no public comments except from Megan Engleman, requesting the rezoning from her residence to Highway 29, who presented her proposal that had been approved by the Land Use Committee. All three ordinances were put to a vote and received the council’s approval.

The Seasonal Temporary Business Ordinance gives those with snow cone and/or lemonade stands permission to do so on their premise. The general plan, which is required by law, was drafted by the Land Use Committee. Its mission statement reads “Maintaining rural values while nurturing economic growth.” It will be used to direct city business and expansion.

The council received thanks and reports from three young girls who attended Utah Girls State. The young women were Madison Thomas, Claire Yost and Autumn Stilson. The girls all expressed an increase in their understanding of government. Castle Dale City had previously made a contribution to the girls and they expressed their appreciation.

A 10-year list for projects from the Castle Valley Special Service District was also discussed to be presented to the district for consideration in its long-term plans and requests from the CIB (Community Impact Board).

The council next approved a request by the office staff to obtain a credit card processor so that citizens could pay utility bills with a credit card. The Dominion Energy Franchise will also be renewed as approved by the council.

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