Castle Dale City Council Rejects Bids for Main Street Property


By Julie Johansen

The Castle Dale City Council met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 7. There, discussion revolved around bids that had been received for the city property advertised on Main Street. The plans for the property had been approved by the planning and zoning board before the bids were submitted.

The bids were lower than what was acceptable by the council, which meant that both bids were rejected. The council will now consider other options for the vacant property on Main Street, just west of the Castle Dale administration building.

A discussion about the new amendments to the animal control ordinance followed and the animal control officer was given instructions on using those new additions.

Maintenance foreman Nosh Arrien then discussed a trial run for snow removal when the time arrives. The decision has been made to try stacking the snow in the middle of the street, but just on First North for this year, to see how it works. Of course, this will only be possible if residents remove their cars from the street. It was noted that some streets in the subdivisions are just too narrow.

Kaylee Van Wagoner requested fee waivers from the city for the Joe’s Valley Fest on Sept. 24. The waivers were granted by the council unanimously.

Next, the zoning administrator gave a report of the recent planning and zoning board meeting. New business licenses were granted to Positive Pathways and Castle Ridge Behavioral Outpatients.

A comprehensive study of Castle Dale City’s zoning ordinances is being done by the board and will be presented to the city council when complete. The treasurer then reported an increase in both sales tax, transient room tax and Airbnb taxes.

The secondary water for the city will be turned off on the last day of September. Concern was voiced by Castle Dale City Mayor Danny Van Wagoner about watering during off hours. The code enforcement officer was advised to continue to monitor these violations. Other concerns for code enforcement included areas of the city needing to be cleaned up.

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