Castle Dale City Donates Library Property to Emery County


By Julie Johansen

On Thursday evening, the Castle Dale City Council met for its regularly scheduled March meeting. During the meeting, Emery County Commissioner Kevin Jensen spoke with the council about the property where the Castle Dale Library is located.

The county owns the library, but it sits on Castle Dale City property. The council agreed that the property should be donated to the county. It was decided that Castle Dale Mayor Danny Van Wagoner will meet with the county to get the title of land transferred.

Also during the meeting, relief on a water leak for a citizen was granted. Fifty percent of the overage was forgiven as is city procedure once the account is current.

A fee waiver for the use of Blue Sage Arena for a benefit team roping was then granted. The benefit roping, which was scheduled for Saturday, March 11, was to benefit cancer patient Clayton Fox.

Four girls planning to attend Girls State in June requested a donation from Castle Dale City. The girls attending from Castle Dale are Kelsey Jorgensen, Kallee Oliver, Amy Sorensen and Shaely Walker. The girls will receive $200 each from the city with a request to report to the council on their experience following their attendance.

Castle Dale Zoning Administrator Kerry Lake then addressed the council in regard to the recent Land Use Committee (LUC) meeting. The LUC is updating the zoning map with recent zoning changes. He also reported that zoning ordinances are being updated by the committee.

Lake then presented a copy of a letter the city received from the Department of Natural Resources. The letter explained a landscape rebate program available for residential and commercial property owners. The letter also outlined the landscape ordinances the city would have to adopt before citizens would be able to qualify for this statewide rebate program. A copy of the letter was distributed to all the council for review with a request of an email response before the next Land Use Committee meeting.

Next, Castle Dale Fire Chief Britni Moreno reported that the remodeling at the fire house continues to advance with the new restroom nearing completion. She also reported a push-in ceremony for the city’s new engine on March 18 at 1 p.m. This will be followed by a district-wide training upstate.

Also during the meeting, a contract with Emery County for conducting the municipal election in November was approved unanimously.

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