Castle Dale City Increases Water Rates


By Julie Johansen

The Castle Dale City Council met on Thursday evening to conduct three public hearings and discuss water use in the city. The first public hearing was to receive comment or concern about a change in secondary water rates.

The state legislature recently passed legislation requiring that by 2030, all secondary water must be metered. The bill also states that by May of 2022, any new secondary hookup would also have to be metered. This will be monitored and installed through the Castle Valley Special Service District (CVSSD), but will cost the city and individuals an increase in fees. Grants will be available through the state but will not cover the entire cost.

There was no public comments, so following the closure of the hearing, Castle Dale City decided to increase costs now to have funds available when these meters are installed. Secondary water fees will increase by 7% beginning this billing cycle.

The next public hearing was for input regarding a proposed change in culinary water rates for large users. This change was due to the increased rates to the city from the CVSSD. The rates are prorated according to the size of the water meter and water usage. When the council returned to the general meeting, the vote was 4-1 in favor of the increase.

The next public hearing was a required second hearing for a Community Development Block Grant that the city is administering for Castle Ridge Behavioral Center. There were no comments and no vote for this hearing.

Following this, a resolution to move the power poles north of Highway 29 on Center Street so that curb and gutter can be installed was approved. A discussion then began on how to handle delinquent final billed utility accounts but was tabled to receive legal assistance on how this can be done.

Next, Mckynlee Gordon, Junior Class President at Emery High, requested a donation for the high school graduation party on May 26. She explained that the party would be at the recreation center in Castle Dale following the commencement ceremony. The council granted her request and donated $250, then Mayor Danny Van Wagoner pledged an additional $250.

Zane Perea then requested a donation to attend Utah Boys State. A donation in the amount of $150 was approved by the council along with appreciation for his service on the Castle Dale City Youth Council.

Other happenings in Castle Dale reported by the department supervisors and council members include improvements to the fire station, dogs needing to be licensed, and the need to monitor the water after it is turned on next week.

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