Castle Dale City Issues Bow Hunting Licenses Within City Limits


November is a great time to see buck deer at the Nash Wash Wildlife Management Area.

Photo courtesy of the Division of Wildlife Resources.

By Julie Johansen

Seth Smith, Animal Control Officer for Castle Dale City, presented a list of hunters that applied for city tags to hunt encroaching deer in city limits during the city council’s July meeting. The hunt will begin in August.

The city received 15 tags from the Division of Wildlife Resources and 12 names were submitted to the council members at their meeting. The deer can be harvested with a bow and used by the hunters. This ordinance was approved at an earlier date by the Castle Dale City Council.

Also during the meeting, an amended cemetery ordinance was discussed during a public hearing. The ordinance provides for the operation of the city cemetery and describes the duties of the cemetery superintendent, including the care, rules and regulations of the cemetery. There were no public comments made.

The council also voted to allow UAC (Utah Association of Counties) to administer the CARES Act funds for the city. The feeling of the council was that this would help eliminate the possibility of incorrect usage of funds given to the city, but still allow for the use of the money.

During the meeting, Dustin Hague was promoted to a full time city employee following his six months probation period and his relocation to Castle Dale. The city maintenance foreman gave very positive reports concerning Hague and was happy to bring him aboard full time.

The city’s zoning administrator reported on the land use committee (LUC) meeting held previously, stating that there had been a desire for a subdivision in the city by Arthur Olsen. The committee related to Olsen the necessary items to be presented so that action could be taken. He will return to the next LUC meeting with these items.

The city’s code enforcement officer is once again on the trail of those violating the secondary watering ordinance. This seems to happen every year but consequences will follow for not obeying the designated times and amount of days.

Fire chief Nosh Arrien then announced that five people have agreed to be considered to become the new fire chief of Castle Dale. This consideration will remain open until November.

Arrien also reported that he has issued two fire suppression citations. One citizen has already complied and the other was given a two-week extension but is working on the removal of debris causing fire hazards.

The Castle Dale City Treasurer reported an increase in sales tax of $7,830.37 and transient room tax of $822.83 when compared to last year at this time. Even in this difficult time, Castle Dale seems to be doing well.

Castle Dale City Recorder Lael White said that 69 out of 97 of the city’s businesses have renewed their business license in the month of June and three new businesses have received licenses, including Blue Turn Health, Southeastern Title Company and a home business license for Home Engineering.

Council reports included that the Castle Valley Special Service District is still working on some city drainage issues, especially on the east side of town. The Castle Dale Youth City Council is looking for more youth to serve. Pickleball courts are buzzing with use and lights will soon be installed at the courts.

Also discussed was the Cowboys Memorial Rodeo that is coming to Castle Dale on July 31 and Aug. 1. Concern for city workers was discussed and they will help set up but not be out and about during the rodeo in order to protect them.

Mayor Danny Van Wagoner is part of the coronavirus task force and asked councilman Jordan Leonard to serve with him on the force. The mayor also reported that the electric vehicle charging stations near the museum are almost all installed and will soon be ready to use.

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