Castle Dale City Offers a $500 Reward


By Julie Johansen

Castle Dale City is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the conviction of an individual or individuals who have been littering the streets of the city with garbage bags filled with human waste.

This activity has been happening for the past three months in most parts of city, but appears to be concentrated mainly to the southeast section of town. Members of the community are encouraged to contact Castle Dale City Hall or a council member with any information regarding this situation.

This issue and the corresponding reward were discussed at the Castle Dale City Council meeting on Thursday evening. Also during the meeting, the council considered updating the city’s littering ordinance.

The council then approved and signed a subdivision plat for Arthur Olsen and agreed to an escrow agreement for the building of the roads in the subdivision.

To conclude, the Castle Dale Fire Department was complimented for its participation in the past training hosted in Huntington.

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