Castle Dale City Prepares for Emergencies


On Thursday, the Castle Dale City Council voted for members from the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Committee to attend a CERT conference to be hosted in Price City on March 22.

CERT is a training program that prepares members to help themselves, their families and their neighbors in the event of a disaster. It trains them with the skills to help emergency responders save lives and protect property.

Under the direction of the local emergency responders, CERT teams help provide critical support by giving immediate assistance to victims, providing damage assessment information and organizing other volunteers at a disaster site.

Participants learn how to identify and anticipate hazards, reduce hazards in the home and workplace, extinguish small fires, conduct light search and rescue, set up a medical technique and help reduce survivor stress.

The members of the CERT team for Castle Dale are Ken Maxfield, Carrie Ann Swasey, Cassie Jones, Mike Kava, Mary Kava, Steve Whitfield and Councilman Doug Weaver.

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