Castle Dale City’s Public Hearings Unattended by Citizens


By Julie Johansen

The regular meeting for the Castle Dale City Council was on Thursday, June 9. Three public hearings were hosted, though there were no residents in attendance for discussion.

The first advertised hearing was to set new connection fees for water service. The Castle Valley Special Service District (CVSSD) has found it necessary to raise its fees to the cities and, in order to meet these new fees, Castle Dale City raised its connection fees.

The second public hearing was to discuss the sale of 5.4 acres (three lots) on Main Street just west of the new Castle Dale City building. Bids on the lots will be accepted until Sept. 8 at Castle Dale City Hall. The projects planned for the sites will have to receive approval from the Castle Dale City Land Use Committee prior to being accepted by the council.

The final hearing for the meeting was to review and approve the 2023 budgets of the city. Also part of the hearing was to open the 2022 city revenue budgets. The expenditure budget was opened as well to make any necessary additions or adjustments and to give the city treasurer permission to adjust line items in the budget. Following the hearing, the budgets were approved by the council.

Also receiving an approval vote was for someone that wishes to obtain a new water hookup in the city but is unable to purchase the required water shares. It was approved that they can lease a share for the initial price of $216 per year, while finding the necessary shares to purchase. This agreement was established in 2006 between the CVSSD and Castle Dale City. Delinquent final billed utility accounts will be turned over to a collection agency if not cleared by phone call or letter.

The council is asking that citizens who want to light fireworks for the Fourth of July bring them to the Cheddar Park parking lot at 9:30 p.m. on July 4 and light them together. This makes it possible to have fire department coverage in one location. The city will be providing popcorn and snow cones.

Castle Dale City Maintenance Foreman Nosh Arrien then reported that they have been replacing and repairing stop and yield signs in the city, while some new signs have been ordered for replacements in the needed areas.

Fire chief Britni Moreno stated that it has been a busy month with eight callouts, mostly for back up for other cities and towns. The needed supplies for the new restrooms at the fire station are being acquired. Many of these fixtures and cabinets have been purchased from the Emery County School District at auctions.

To conclude, councilman Joel Dorsch reported that the area under the city’s ice skating rink is being hydroseeded to help protect the lining of the rink.

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