Castle Dale Elementary Artists Compete in School-Wide Contest


By Kristi Maxwell

Castle Dale Elementary hosted its art contest awards assembly on Friday. Students received awards and prizes for placing and for participating in the contest. Categories for competition included visual arts, literature, 3D art and photography.

The winners are as follows:

Visual Arts

Kindergarten:   1st:  Addison Johansen, 2nd:  Asia Anderson, 3rd:  Jadin Atwood
1st-2nd Grade:  1st:  Jorgen Robinson, 2nd:  Jolee Swasey, 3rd:  Chase Huggard
3rd-4th Grade:  1st:  Kodi Cloward, 2nd Isabella Erickson, 3rd:  Carter Huntington
5th-6th Grade:  1st:  Sophia Huntington, 2nd:  Rian Cloward, 3rd:  Mistie Baird


Kindergarten:  1st:  Izzabel Mower, 2nd:  Tyce Larsen
1st-2nd Grade:  1st:  Kelsey Norton, 2nd:  Serinity LeRoy, 3rd:  Treven Gilbert
3rd-4th Grade:  1st:  Kaydee Sermon, 2nd:  Tylee Norton, 3rd:  Ryleigh Laws
5th-6th Grade:  1st:  Kailey Jackson, 2nd:  Landon Burke, 3rd:  Wade Huggard

Three-Dimensional Art

Kindergarten:  1st:  Avey Beagley, 2nd:  Clarissa Beagley, 3rd:  Racer Barnes
1st-2nd Grade:  1st:  Ridge Thomason, 2nd:  Tyler Frandsen, 3rd:  Chase Huggard
3rd-4th Grade:  1st:  Carter Huntington, 2nd:  Syann Pittman, 3rd:  Lila Donaldson
5th-6th Grade:  1st:  Madelynn Cave, 2nd:  Jannika Beagley, 3rd Sophia Huntington


Kindergarten:  1st:  Tyce Larsen, 2nd:  Izzabel Mower, 3rd:  Tatum Jensen
1st-2nd Grade:  1st:  Jace Frandsen, 2nd Kallee Oliver, 3rd:  Reaghan Laws
3rd-4th Grade:  1st:  Kimberlyn Gilbert, 2nd:  Carter Huntington, 3rd:  Rebekah Barnett
5th-6th Grade:  1st:  Wade Huggard, 2nd:  Sophia Huntington, 3rd:  Autumn Stilson

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