Castle Dale Mayor Becomes Longest-Tenured Mayor in City History


Castle Dale Mayor Neil Peacock celebrated 10-and-a-half years at the helm of Castle Dale at Thursday’s city council meeting and did so in a very appropriate manner. His wife brought brownies.

With over 10 years in his pocket, Peacock became the longest-tenured mayor in Castle Dale history.

“It will be Don Jorgenson that I am passing up, so for fun because I have served now for 10-and-a-half years, my wife, Gwen made some treats for everyone,” he said. The council then settled down to city business.

Eight-year-old all-star coaches Jason Ward and Jared Norton approached the council to ask for a donation. Ward and Norton said that the team has already spent $1,600 this season attending tournaments, among other expenses. The coaches are hesitant to approach local businessesВ becauseВ they know they donate so much to so many organizations. The council agreed to donate $200. The coaches stated that the team would work off any funds donated by the council by cleaning baseball fields in Castle Dale.

Mayor Peacock made a trip to an undisclosed parcel of private property recently and determined that a toxic material was being introduced to the area among other debris. Private property owners can dump what they want on their properties so long as the materials won’t harm the environment. Mayor Peacock also determined that the toxic material was asphalt and is helping fill a ravine on the property.

“Asphalt breaks down intoВ petroleumВ products being a hazardous material,” he explained. “It also makes the ground unstable.”

Mayor Peacock is required by law to turn the problem over to the Department Of Environmental Quality, which he had done.

Other notes from the meeting:


  • Ethan Migliori visited the council. He has been attending many town and city council meetings to present his platform for Emery County Commissioner.
  • The Castle Dale Rodeo is slated for June 23.В Children’sВ games start at 3 p.m. BBQ for a buck at five. Rodeo starts at 6:30.
  • Senator Mike Lee’s staff will be inВ CastleВ Dale on June 28. They will be available to meet with the public during their stay.


The council will next meet July 12.

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