Castle Dale to Join Other Local Towns with Miners Memorial


By Julie Johansen

Discussion on the exact placing of the miner’s memorial to be placed in Castle Dale was an important part of the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday.

It will be placed on the patio north and west of the Museum of the San Rafael. Special consideration was given to a handicapped access and also to complying with Castle Dale’s zoning ordinances. This is scheduled to be dedicated during the Emery County Fair in June.

Commissioners were also questioned for clarification about the billboard sign north of Huntington and property owned by the Prettyman’s. This was tabled until consultation with the planning and zoning board and until UDOT could be contacted by commissioners.

A grant application for bulletproof vests for the sheriff’s Office was ratified as well as a grant with Utah Division of Parks and Recreation for funding to improve the Des Bee Dove Trail. Ratification was also given on an easement agreement between Rocky Mountain Power and Emery County for the Des Bee Dove Trail.

Emery county fair vendors and insurance requirements were also discussed. This will be done on an individual vendor basis depending on the purpose of the booth and procedure of selling goods. Upon application for a booth some will require proof of insurance.

Permission was given to the road department to rent a tractor to cut weeds along the roads in the county as well as a D8 tractor to be used in the debris basin for future flood control. The weed and mosquito department also received permission for employees to take the spray truck home after late night mosquito spraying unless the shop was closer than their homes.

Bids for Castle Dale Library janitorial services were opened and read; further review will be needed. Kobe Faimalo presented his plan for his Eagle Scout project, which includes installation of benches at the Lawrence Cemetery. Permission was granted.

The commission approved a donation of $10,000 to the Emery County Housing Authority. Commissioners also approved the contract with event coordinator Holly Jorgensen.


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