Castle Dale Welcomes the 36th Biennial Castle Valley Pageant


Many enjoyed the Castle Valley Pageant from the end of July and into the early part of August. Each evening began with a lamb fry at the Castle Dale rodeo grounds followed by a pioneer village exhibit at the pageant site on Des Bee Dove Road. There, visitors learned about blacksmithing, farming, weaving and spinning as well as many other crafts necessary for a pioneer settlement to survive.

The Castle Valley Pageant, which was written by the late Montell Seeley in 1978, tells the story of the first settlers of Castle Valley. It is a story from history of the people who founded the community and portrays the trials, triumphs and tragedies of those who made the journey.

The pageant is performed every other year on even-numbered years. The next performance of the Castle Valley Pageant will be in 2016.


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