Castle Dale Youth Council Adopts Sister City


By Julie Johansen

On Jan. 12, a T2 tornado hit Selma, Alabama, leaving unbelievable damage. Following this terrible experience, a resident of Selma, Don Chamberlain, who is an acquaintance of Castle Dale City Mayor Danny Van Wagoner, reached out for assistance. The Castle Dale City Youth Council quickly picked up on this request and is working to send needed supplies to the city.

Although there were no fatalities in Selma, the tornado touched down and ran for 73 miles across the region. Many lost their homes and all their possessions, leaving hundreds to start the recovery process.

The Alabama Habitat for Humanity felt that baby products for mothers in need for their infant children would be of great assistance. For this reason, the youth council is asking for bottles, diapers or other baby supplies to be donated.

The council officers are Izzi Turner, Graycee Mills and Tylie Skinner while the advisor is Castle Dale City Councilwoman Adriana Chimaras. They plan to adopt Selma, Alabama as a sister city to Castle Dale, and received the mayor and city council’s endorsement at a council meeting on Thursday evening.

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