Castle Gate Posse Names 2 New SASS Regulators


The Castle Gate Posse recently inducted two of its members as SASS Regulators. SASS stands for the Single Action Shooting Society, which is an international organization that was created to preserve and promote the sport of cowboy action shooting.

SASS Regulators are those that go and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of SASS and affiliated clubs. Their service is priceless and those that are regulators are said to personify the cowboy way while providing an excellent role model for shooters young and old. Potential regulators are nominated by members of SASS or society officials.

It is also explained that a regulator does not have to be a life member or club officer. This year, the two SASS Regulators that were chosen were Scott Olsen, also known as Wolf of North Springs, and Cameron Montgomery, or Fargo Kid.

Fargo Kid was credited as being a warm, welcoming and encouraging leader of the Castle Gate Posse. His nomination read that he has the ability to interact with every shooter and make them feel at home, encouraging them to continue in the sport and ensure they have an enjoyable time.

“While always reluctant to be in the spotlight, he willingly does whatever is asked of him as well as ensures the success of the club and any match they hold,” read the nomination. “Fargo Kid is and has been the match director of all of the Black Powder Championships held at the Castle Gate town, including the Utah State Black Powder Championships and the 4-Corners Regional Black Powder Championships.”

The Castle Gate Posse has been in operation since 1991. As the range master for the North Springs Shooting Range, the Wolf of North Springs “jumped in with both feet,” according to his nomination, and began to become more and more involved with the posse. He also ensured that the Posse had whatever was needed for monthly and annual matches.

“Over the past several years, Wolf has been instrumental in the successful hosting of many Utah State Championships,” said his nominee.

With these personal and glowing recommendations, the two were welcomed as SASS Regulators.

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