Castle Heights Cultivates Young Scientists


Carbon School District Press Release

On Jan. 12, Castle Heights Elementary hosted its annual science fair. These students began working on their projects in November. Students got to choose a partner if they wanted one as well as their project topic.

*HM: Honorable Mention

Category Place Name(s)
Animal Science 1st Chloe Stephens & Andrew Seeley
Astronomy 1st Lyriik Manzanares
Astronomy 2nd Tata Paul
Behavioral Sciences 1st Colton Steele
Behavioral Sciences 2nd Tucker Hanson
Chemistry 1st (tie) McKenna Luke
Chemistry 1st (tie) Sophie Francis & Gabby Green
Chemistry 2nd (tie) Alissa Sinclair
Chemistry 2nd (tie) Liiam Ragsdale
Chemistry 3rd (tie) Lily Anderson, Chloe Lasslo & Lola Lasslo
Chemistry 3rd (tie) Mason Needles & Tytus Reaveley
Chemistry HM Allure Guerrero & Addy Marshall
Chemistry HM Joe Bonaquisto, Andy Ellsworth, Tytus Krum
Chemistry HM Jordynn Ward & Adalia Soto
Chemistry HM Kenzie Sherman & Brooklyn Urbanik
Chemistry HM Kheyanuah Warman-Kofford & Evie Bates-Wood
Chemistry HM Sophie Francis & Gabby Green
Chemistry HM Reagan Swinburne
Chemistry HM Reign Richardson
Earth Science 1st Maeve Bradford, Demi Smith & Genevieve Halk
Earth Science 2nd Soren Pilling
Earth Science 3rd Addie Fox
Earth Science HM Cannon Oviatt
Earth Science HM Cristiano Vasquez & Azalia Brett
Earth Science HM Remany DeVaney
Medicine & Health 1st Drew Arthur
Medicine & Health 2nd Aiyana Lee
Medicine & Health 3rd Isaik Molinar &Jexton Lott
Medicine & Health HM Addisyn Lessar
Medicine & Health HM Bridgette Woodward
Physics 1st (tie) Flynn Nielsen & Jack Madrid
Physics 1st (tie) Geno Ori, Fin Clark &Chael Wegner
Physics 2nd (tie) Jonathan Stephen
Physics 2nd (tie) Rowan Iverson &Ethan Jorgensen
Physics 3rd (tie) Bailey Sweeney & Jaxx D’Ambrosio
Physics 3rd (tie) Kaizyn Hansen
Physics HM Bridger Christensen
Physics HM Eliza Pitcher
Physics HM McKyla Labrum
Physics HM Sawyer Fryer and Aksel Miller
Physics HM Trenton Whiting, Lili Barnett & Katie Francis
Physics HM Zachery Murray
Plant Science 1st Emmie Bailey & Sinai Rich
Plant Science 2nd Olivia Heino
Plant Science 3rd Swayzee Anderton
Plant Science HM Mark Sanders, Kaayd Milano & Kenji Kinoshita
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