Castle Heights Elementary Celebrates Red Ribbon Week with Local Heroes


What are heroes? That is the question students at Castle Heights recently asked themselves as part of Red Ribbon Week. Some of the students’ answers were firefighters, fathers, nurses and even teachers.

Throughout the week, local heroes came to spend quality time with the students. The visitors started with National Guard officers and ended with local firefighters. These heroes were there to teach kids about the consequences of bad decisions such as using drugs and alcohol. Students were also taught that by making good choices, they can go anywhere they want in life.

Students were encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero or local hero during the week.

“We as a PTA board felt that it was important for the students to know that we have real-life heroes living among us,” said PTA President Rachel Staley. “Also, the kids themselves can be heroes from the tiniest kindergartner to the biggest fifth grader. They all can be heroes.”

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