Castle Heights Fifth Graders Celebrate DARE Graduation


After months of education from Price City Police Officer Ed Malmgren, fifth grade students at Castle Heights Elementary graduated from the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program.

Better known as DARE, the prevention program provides education to students teaching the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as providing children with the necessary tools to overcome peer pressure and bullying.

During the DARE ceremony, Malmgren explained that while educating the Castle Heights students, he found that bullying is a major concern to the youth. He stated that every child during their school years will encounter some type of bullying. Malmgren along with other DARE instructors hope that they provide mentoring to students that will reduce this problem city wide.

Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo was also in attendance at the graduation. He spoke of the importance of the DARE program and vowed continued support to the police department and the prevention program.

Graduates were each awarded a diploma and congratulated personally by their DARE instructor, principal Jan Cox, Mayor Piccolo and other DARE officers.

2013 Castle Heights Elementary DARE Graduates, listed by class:

Ms. Behunin,

Elisabeth Ahlheim, Vincent Anderson, Braydon Barker, Gavin Black, Kaybree Blake*, Bonham Brewer*, Kyle Carlton, Mallory Chiara, Caitlyn Dalton, Makyela Gressmen, Torie Hammack, Jonas Heaton, Naomi Mantz, Jeffrey McCourt, Jacob McDonald, Kaleb Nelson, Alyssa Reed, Jacee Richards, Keylin Salguero, Sydney Sandoval, Sean Tilman, Jordan Wain, and Virginia Wood.

Ms. Madrid:

Brant Adams, Kayla Barney, Kenzee Blackburn*, Kylee Blackburn, Devin Bradley, Grace Broadbear, Hayden Carlton, Samuel Carpenter*, Chandler Clifford, Ethan Daniels, Jaylon Dennis, Katelyn Edwards, Kirsten Etzel, Carson Frame, Talon Gray, Bryston Larson, Mazie McCourt, Breann Meyring, Nicholas Olson, Chad Page, Ryan Page, T’Ann Passarella, Kaigin Richey, Emily Safley, Antonio Vasquez, and Delanie Young.

Mr. Thomas,

Jaxton Basso, Macen Bracken, Madison Davis, Alexa Greenhalgh, Hunter Kulow, Ryker Larsen, Tremayne Lee, Kylie Madden, Gage Malmgren, Marianna Molinar, Kennedy Nelson, Keirsten Oveson, Kennan Richardson, Angelina Rondinelli*, AubreeAnn Sicilia, Zachary Sicilia, Brenna Tabone, Ethan Thompson, Matthew Torres*, Dakota Vouk, Paxton Wilson, and Braxton Wright.

*DARE essay winners, selected by Price City Police officers.

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