Castle Heights Knight Evelyn Palmer Nationally Awarded for Reflections Entry


On Monday afternoon, Castle Heights student Evelyn Palmer was presented a recognition award by the Utah PTA. The school participates in Reflections each year where students can submit their own creative work.

“National PTA Reflections welcomes, free of charge, students from all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts,” the PTA shared. “Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.”

Palmer was fortunate enough to have her Reflection won an Award of Excellence nationally. Her literature Reflection competed against 5,000 other qualifiers, including students from kindergarten through second grade.

The representative who came to surprise Palmer in the classroom glorified her writing, saying that it was very well done and that she is a natural writer. Her fellow classmates, teacher, principal and family members applauded her outstanding achievement.

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