Castle Heights Knights Are Adults for a Day at JA City


A number of Castle Heights Knights were recently showcased by Spencer F. Eccles Junior Achievement of Utah (JA City) for making a special trip for an educational day. JA City, located in Salt Lake City, aims to prepare young minds for success as well as open them to the world of achievement.

According to the JA City mission, the organization strives to inspire as well as prepare the younger generation to succeed in a global economy. They also aim to change the lives of the students by opening their eyes to the many possibilities that their future may hold. These possibilities may be beyond what they see in their everyday lives.

The Knights spent the day running JA BizTown. The organization thanked Verizon Wireless for being present and assisting the students on being adults for a day. Special thanks was also given to Castleview Hospital for sponsoring the trip.

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