Castle Heights Recognizes Fifth Graders at Awards Assembly


On Wednesday, an awards assembly at Castle Heights started with a greeting by the student body president Braxtin Henrie followed by an address by principal Deanna Martineau.

In her speech, Martineau encouraged the kids to be positive, to laugh, to smile and to be kind.

“Fill someone’s bucket every single day and be kind to those who are unkind to you, for they need your kindness most,” said Martineau. She finished by quoting Kid President, saying, “Go spread your awesomeness.”

The principal next handed out awards to students who rendered special service to the school, such as helping with the school marquee, the flag or who served in student government.

Students honored for the marquee were Paige Stewart, Cheyanne Ware, Abbigail Bowman and Skylynn Basso. The students honored for helping with the flag were Tyler Reed and Connor Bulkley. All members of student government were honored, including Braxtin Henrie, president; Mason Frame, vice president; Hunter Gleave, secretary; Kaylie Basso, Mikell Furner, Douglas Larsen, Kaydance Scovill and Paige Stewart, representatives.

The next awards were presented by Sergeant Allred of the DARE program. Each student had to write an essay to complete the DARE program. Two awards were given for the top essays to students from each class and included Mikell Furner, Hunter Gleave, Abbigail Bowman, Joshua Loveland, Karson Root and Alyssa Ellis.

Other awards were given for physical fitness, student’s choice, attendance, academics and citizenship. At the end of the assembly, each teacher presented their students with a folder containing the numerous awards that each student received. All students received at least one award and received recognition.

The students will start middle school next year.

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