Castle Valley Band Festival Unites Emery and Carbon Schools


On Wednesday, Canyon View Junior High hosted the Castle Valley Junior High Band Festival. The event was so Carbon and Emery county junior high school bands could receive their 2014 rating from the Castle Valley Activities Association.

The rating system works as follows: 1 to 1- is a superior rating, 2+, 2 or 2- is an excellent rating, 3 is a good rating and 4 is a poor rating.

Two of the schools, Canyon View and Mont Harmon eight and ninth grade bands received a superior rating. San Rafael and Helper eighth and ninth grade bands both received an excellent rating.

On Thursday, May 6, grade school bands from Huntington/Cleveland combined, Creekview/Castle Heights/Wellington combined, Sally Mauro and Castle Dale/Ferron/Cottonwood combined performed in a band festival at Emery High School.

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