Castle Valley Center Adults Honored for Bettering Carbon County


Carbon County Commissioners and county resource manager Rose Barnes acknowledged a special group at a recent commission meeting. Members of the Castle Valley Center received recognition for their hard work throughout the year to beautify county grounds.

“They do a lot,” Barnes commented. “They are always happy to do their job.”

Michael Keller, principal of Castle Valley Center, went on to explain the adults work hard for the county. In the spring, members of Castle Valley Center prepare lawns and flower beds at the Carbon County Courthouse and jail. In the summer, flower beds are planted and weeds are pulled throughout the months. In the fall, the grounds are prepared for winter. For their hard work, the county pays the school district, who then distributes checks to the center adults.

Castle Valley Center adults honored included Mandi Bennett, Star Bynum, Eugene Cordova, Ashlie Eich, Austin Hendricks, Jared Humphrey, Jena Johnson, Amber Marchello, Daniel Petty, Karen Ranch, Daniel Rudman, Jolene Short, Becky Stocks, Marc Thayn and Travis Tuttle.

Principal Keller also wished to extend a special thanks to staff that assist the adults. He explained that without their constant care the adults would not be able to do their job. Assisting staff include supervisor Rebecca Mendoza, Genefer Smith, Shelby Hurt, Christine Petty, Janet Lowe, Shacoy Salas, Carrie Perea and Cindy Labrum.

Keller explained further that besides the staff working with the adults, the support from the community is outstanding.

“A few weeks ago our work crew and staff were at Balance Rock in Helper,” he stated. “The meal was a reward for the work crew for a successful summer and to show appreciation for the hard work done by both adults with disabilities and staff. A man was sitting by himself near our group and enjoying the interaction and fun with conversations going on. The man got up and went to the counter to pay for his meal and at the same time, paid for our entire work crew and staff, a total of 19 people. The good Samaritan left without anyone knowing who he was. This just goes to show you what a great community we live in.”


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