Castle Valley Center Announces Closure of Adult Day Treatment Program


CVC ETV News stock photo

The Carbon School District recently announced that the Adult Day Treatment Program at the Castle Valley Center (CVC) will permanently come to a close on July 30.

“This has been a very difficult situation involving several years of working through a process in an attempt to meet the expectations of the funding entities,” stated Principal Amy Bell. “There are many factors involved.”

Principal Bell continued by explaining that recent congressional and licensing mandates require programs to no longer be facility-based and as a result of the changes, the CVC will not meet the criteria any longer for the reimbursement of Medicaid funds. This means that in the near future, the center will no longer be able to provide the program as it has been provided in the past.

Principal Bell wished to express that it is important for the community to note that the direction was not precipitated by the school administration or the Carbon School District.

“Increasing pressure to implement changes imposed at a state and federal level have resulted in Castle Valley Center no longer being able to meet the rules governing the program,” Principal Bell stated.

She said that the center is very sad to have the adult clients leave the district program, though they are happy that there are great providers in the area that will be able to provide services to the adult consumers in the future.

The closing of the adult program does not effect the school-age program, transitional kindergarten or preschool services that will continue to be provided from the Castle Valley Center, according to Principal Bell.

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