Castle Valley Region Honor Choir Concert Brings Together Carbon, Emery Schools


Thursday evening was a lively one at Mont Harmon Middle School as middle schools from Emery and Carbon counties came together to perform songs they had practiced together for only a short time. To receive a position in the honor choir, students had to audition. These students were conducted by Ami Swallow, an invited chorus director and clinician. She assisted the students with six songs, one of which had a trio of students sing a special portion.

Before the choirs sang together, some of the students who participated in the region solo and ensemble competition were able to perform their songs again. There were solos from Laurie Parry, Danielle Gunderson, Samuel Dart, Jacob Fauver, Monty Christiansen, Johanna Snow and Aubrey Guymon. A double trio and octet also performed during this portion of the evening.

The honor choir ensemble consists of 26 students from San Rafael, 31 from Canyon View, 22 from Mont Harmon and five from Helper for a total of 84 students.

The students in San Rafael’s portion included Monty Christiansen, Jacob Fauver, Tyler Frandsen, Zander Hughes, Jayston Justesen, Joey Leonard, Merritt Meccariello, Sean Rogers, Zeek Weber, Sidney Garner, Kina Jewkes, Maddison Larsen, Rileigh Meccariello, Allee Sitterud, Jesla Anderson, Beka Barnett, Breelyn Bennett, Cheyenne Bingham, Novalee LeRoy, Memory Melo, Amy Sorensen, Sara Stevens, Zion Yeates and Audrey Yost.

Canyon View’s choir consisted of Braden Atwood, Carson Collard, Race Gordon, Kelby Jones, Malachi Kay, Orion Livingston, Brogen Rasmussen, Wyatt Richardson, Seth Scott, Greg Suwyn, Wiley Wilson, Quade Wood, Tera Donaldson, Saydee Grange, Destiny Horrocks, Addison Hougham, Kinlie Jensen, BreElle Parkins, Emilia Salazar, Madison Tolman, Johanna Snow, Jalynn Fox, Jakoda Funk, Aubrey Guymon, Paulina Martinez, Jacklyn Oveson, Aspen Peay, Madilyn Simmons, Deri Thatcher, Brittney Tennant and Samantha Black.

The Mont Harmon portion of the choir was made up of Garrett Black, Boyd Bradford, Isaac Chiara, Nathan Engar, Caigen Garner, Tay Hensley, Easton Humes, Jacob Nelson, Blayr Bennett, Kaylee Camacho, Bailey Curtis, Brooklyn DeWitt, Carmryn Frandsen, Erin Martin, Ruth Olson, Tianna Peacock, Taylorann Dalpiaz, Kasia Earl, Josie Jarrett, Laurie Perry, Makayla Scovill, and Gabrielle Vasquez.

Helper’s students were Samuel Dart, Danielle Gunderson, T’Kaih McArthur, Jaydn Nef and Sarah Luddington.

Steve Hoyt, the Mont Harmon choir director, announced throughout the evening and wanted to thank all the students for their participation and their parents for giving their children the opportunity to sing in the honor choir. Hoyt then thanked the accompanists that were willing to play the piano for all the students who performed that evening. He also highlighted his fellow music directors: Ben Carroll from San Rafael, David Bird from Canyon View and Marcos Navarro from Helper. The students and chorus directors then thanked Ami Swallow for working with this group.

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