Castle Valley Special Service District Annexation May Lead to a Tax Increase


After possibly years of receiving benefits from the Castle Valley Special Service District for free, some Emery County properties will now have to pay up come tax time.

During the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday, a public hearing was held to discuss the annexation of certain properties near the city limits of Castle Dale, Clawson, Cleveland, Elmo, Emery, Ferron, Huntington and Orangeville to bring them into the Castle Valley Service District.

“If you value nice roads and running water you need to thank the Castle Valley Special Service District,” said Commissioner J.R. Nelson.

The Castle Valley Special Service District (CVSD) performs maintenance on the culinary and secondary water systems, sewer, drainage systems, and streets in the communities of Emery County.

Every five years or so the CVSD updates their boundaries to encompass new properties in Emery County to ensure the properties that are receiving the assistance of the CVSD are also paying the taxes that accompany that service.

“We haven’t performed a boundaries update since 2001, and it is time,” said Jacob Sharp with the CVSD.

Sharp estimates approximately 22 households will be annexed into the CVSD boundaries of either Castle Dale, Clawson, Cleveland, Emery, Ferron, Huntington or Orangeville.

There was no public comment against the annexation of the afore mentioned properties during the public hearing, however there is still a 15 day period public comment can be heard if submitted to the Emery County Commission Office on or before February 6.

Sharp explained the tax increase for the properties will not be drastic, “It is not as drastic as County taxes, but it’s not going to be pocket change either.”

The estimated tax increase for a home with a value of $100,000 will be $132/yr.

“If you are receiving the services of the Castle Valley Special Service District you should be paying for that service, it’s only fair,” Sharp explained.


Other notes from the Commission Meeting:

1. Commissioner Migliori В was appointed to the Emery County Travel Bureau, Emery County Recreation Special Service District, Museum of the San Rafael Board of Directors, Emery County Preservation Commission and Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Board of Directors. JR Nelson was appointed to the Emery County Council on Aging and Nutrition. Jeff Horrocks was appointed to the trails committee.

2. The Emery County Historical Society is concerned with the Museum of the San Rafael fee, they want the fee to be waived for their meetings since they are a non profit organization. The commission agreed, and Commissioner Migliori agreed to speak with the Museum and discuss changing their fee structure for non-profits.

3. The Commission approved a property tax write-off for the property of Ronda Webb and Manuel Gonzalez in the amount of $80.45.

4. The Commission approved a property tax write-off for the property of Kim Wardle in the amount of $127.36.

5. A public hearing was set to hear general obligation bonds and projects to be brought before the CVSD board for February 12.

6. Commissioner Reports-

Migliori- Would have more to report on after he attended meetings.

Nelson- Wants to encourage residents to get involved with the Back Country Pilots who work to preserve airfields. “It’s a culture all on it’s own flying into rural airports,” Nelson said.

Horrocks- met with the Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz to discuss he Emery County Public Lands Bill. Horrocks described the meeting as “productive and positive” and said the county has their full support.


The next Emery County Commission meeting will be on February 5, at 9a.m.


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