Castleview Hospital Finishes Stage One of Remodeling Operation


By R. Chantz Richens

Castleview Hospital staff joyfully opened the doors to its new facilities on Monday evening. After a short tour of the various additions and modifications, it is easy to see why Castleview Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Holyoak was smiling as he cut the red ribbon, symbolizing the start of a new chapter for Castleview Hospital.

The tour commenced with those in attendance being led from room to room, notably the newly refurbished Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms. The newly refurbished areas are estimated to be nearly 500% larger than previous ICU rooms the hospital has offered. As one employee explained, the renovations were made with patients in mind.

“They (Castleview staff) can, honestly, take care of their patients better,” Castleview Hospital Business Development and Human Resources Director Misty Birch explained about the changes to the ICU.

Another highlight of the tour was the chance to view one of the new trauma rooms. The renovated rooms offer a space as large as two old trauma rooms combined, and the rooms boast a total of three special LED surgical lights, the first of their kind found in the state of Utah. Other rooms, such as OB Rooms and consultation rooms, contribute to an overarching feeling of professionalism and privacy that Castleview is aiming for.

“It’s going to be amazing for patients,” Birch said.

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