Castleview Hospital Gathers 293 Christmas Cards for Sick Girl in Fountain Green, Utah


Castleview Hospital Press Release 

This is a very special Christmas for Addie Fausett, a six-year-old girl from Fountain Green, Utah with an undiagnosed illness that is rapidly wearing down her little body. Doctors say this Christmas may be her last. This holiday season, Castleview Hospital gathered Christmas cards for this young girl and mailed 293 different cards to her.

With many visits to neurologists at Primary Children’s, Addie’s condition has gone undiagnosed. Cerebral atrophy is just a symptom of what is wrong with Addie, but she remains undiagnosed. She stopped growing when she was three-years-old and the deteriorating condition of her brain resulted in a devastating prognosis that this Christmas may be her last.

Addie loves to receive mail from the post office and has enjoyed getting Christmas cards this holiday season. Addie counted the Christmas cards sent specifically to her, which she can hang on her door. With the prospect that this may be Addie’s last Christmas, her grandparents thought it would be nice for Addie to receive a lifetime of Christmas cards this year. With the help of her older sisters, Shayley and Audree, who hang up the cards for Addie, she began filling up the door and walls with cards from friends, family and complete strangers.

Castleview Hospital wanted to make this a very special Christmas for Addie and her family and through social media and word-of-mouth throughout the community, Castleview was able to gather 293 Christmas cards for Addie and her family. The cards were available at the front desk of the hospital and were pre-addressed and ready to go. Staff and members of the community were able to come in, sign and write Addie a message on the card and mail it from the hospital.

We’re honored to have been a part of this effort to make this holiday season one to remember for Addie and her family.



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