Castleview Hospital Hosts Third Annual Girls Night Out


Because it is October, all the women in the community were invited to join Castleview Hospital as they hosted its annual breast cancer awareness dinner on Tuesday.

The first 50 women who walked through the doors were given raffle tickets for door prizes. The hospital provided a variety of food for everyone who attended. They also had pink cupcakes, cookies and drinks, all to focus the night on breast cancer awareness. Everyone at the tables received pamphlets about breast cancer as well.

At the dinner, general surgeons Dr. Kyle Jeffery and Dr. Jon Pressett provided a game of jeopardy for all the ladies to participate in. The evening was full of laughter and competition while playing the game and learning more about breast cancer. There were questions that were asked about the risks and prevention, mammograms and any other questions that could be answered by the doctors. Other staff members from the hospital and representatives from the radiology department and chemo IV Therapy were present to answer questions.

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