Castleview Hospital Pledges Large Donation for Price City Pickleball Courts


Greg Cook, CEO of Castleview Hospital, visited the Price City Council during their meeting on Wednesday evening. Cook was in attendance for a donation presentation and began by stating that Castleview’s goal is to make communities healthier.

He explained that the hospital works to accomplish this not only by caring for patients, but by aiming to give back when they are able. Cook stated that Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos had approached him about the pickleball courts, which is something that Cook felt met their mission.

On behalf of Castleview Hospital, he wanted to make everyone aware that they are prepared to donate $50,000 to that project. Cook said that anytime they can help ease the tax burden, they will do that.

Councilman Layne Miller informed Cook that this donation is going to make a lot of people very happy before the donation was approved by the council.

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