Castleview Hospital Receives Comforting Donation from Generous Scouts


Castleview Hospital Press Release

One might ask why Castleview Hospital is the recipient of 200 handmade pillow cases from a high school senior, Joseph Walker, from Lone Peak High in Lehi. The answer is simple. Joseph is the oldest grandson of our special employee, Sue Copinga. The special gift of these 200 children’s pillow cases was the end result of his eagle scout project.

Joseph has always been very empathetic towards the emergency department and the patients his grandmother Sue cares for. He has inquired of his Grandma Sue several times to see if there is anything he can do to help the kids who are seen as patients in the emergency department. Joseph finally thought of something he could do. He wanted to do an eagle scout project, and sewing 200 pillow cases, just for kids, would be the perfect project.

Joseph and his friends soon went shopping for some special child print material to make the 200 pillow cases. The scout troop eagerly gathered together to begin sewing. At the end of the first evening, the scouts were disappointed to discover that together, they had only completed two pillow cases, leaving them 198 cases short of their goal. Joseph and his scout troop knew if they wanted to complete their goal of helping children, they would have to bring in more forces.

We all know, that behind every good eagle scout stands someone very special: his mother. With the help of their mothers, the project was completed. Joseph proudly presented the 200 pillowcases to Grandma Sue and Grant Barraclough, Director of Emergency Services at Castleview Hospital, and requested they be given to the kids. Grandma Sue is happy to report that all 200 pillow cases have already found a good home with the “little” patients of the Castle Valley.

Joseph is the son of Melissa and Charles Walker of Lehi. Melissa, is the daughter of Sue and the late Menco Copinga, and grew up in Elmo. Melissa shared her Emery County roots with her son Joseph, who is very connected to the Castle Valley. Joseph recently graduated from Lone Peak High and will be serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ohio.

Thank you Joseph, your scout troop, all the moms and Grandma Sue Copinga, for your kind gift to Castleview emergency department and the kids of the Castle Valley.

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