Castleview Hospital Undergoes Major Expansion Project, ICU and ED to Add More Patient Beds, Renovate Existing Space


Castleview Hospital recently announced a $9.3 million expansion to the intensive care unit (ICU) and the emergency department (ED). The project will increase the number of patient beds in the ICU and ED and also improve the hospital’s facilities by expanding parking and access areas and completing a major interior renovation. All hospital services will remain open during this multiphase project, which is estimated to be completed in February of 2016.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the community was hosted on Wednesday to celebrate the beginning of the project. While the ground was officially broken on Dec. 16, the ceremony was hosted to explain to members of the community the expansion and the renovations. Mark Holyoak, CEO at Castleview, took some time to explain the changes the hospital is undergoing.

“This is truly an exciting time for Castleview Hospital, the community and the entire region we serve,” said Holyoak. “The expansion of our ICU and emergency departments demonstrates our commitment to investing in the hospital to enhance services and meet the needs of our growing community for generations to come. We will keep the community informed of the project’s progress. Thank you for your patience during the construction process.”

The new ICU will include six private rooms, which will be larger than the current rooms available, and will expand the unit by approximately 300%. Each room will include a private bathroom as well as an exterior window. At the conclusion of the expansion project, the ICU will be a brand new department.

The emergency department will also be expanding, increasing the number of rooms by six to 10. Every room will be a private room to ensure patients’ privacy and safety. The ED also will add new state-of-the-art equipment, including more monitoring systems, electrocardiogram (EKG) machines and a new trauma room.

The ICU and ED expansions follow a renovation of the hallways of Castleview Hospital, which are currently being updated with new floors and paint.

During construction, Castleview Hospital will post temporary signs to help guide patients and visitors to the correct parking areas and entrances. The cashier’s office will temporarily be located around the corner from the gift shop until the expansion is complete. To access the cashier’s office, enter from the north outpatient entrance.

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