Castleview Raises $733 at Pie Event for Cancer Research


Thursday, Castleview hospital staff and family gathered to bid on the privilege of placing a pie on the face of one of three hospital administrative officers. The victims of the pie placing were Greg Cook, CFO, Mark Holyoak, CEO and Terri Watkins, CNO.

The original plan was to set up donation boxes before the event with each of the victim’s names on them. The person whose box had the most donation money, donated by staff and others, would have to take a pie in the face. The way that they could pass the pie down was to match the donation, which each victim did.

Jennifer Sanchez, the event organizer, then asked each of the administrative officers if they would allow the pies to be auctioned off anyway so that more money could be raised for relay for life. One of the officers graciously agreed, the other two followed.

The first pie was purchased by a generous, anonymous doctor for $100. The remaining pies were purchased by Suzie Eaquinto, Jessica Adams, Taylor Cook and Sanchez. In total, the hospital raised $1,600 for Relay for Life with $733 coming from this event.

Additional donations can be made in person at the hospital to Sanchez or Juanita Christiansen. Donations can be made online at

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