Castleview Treats Chamber Members at Monthly Luncheon


Members of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce were treated to a meal and presentation courtesy of Castleview Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

The event began with a meal prepared by the hospital’s dining services, which those in attendance enjoyed during a presentation by Castleview CEO Mark Holyoak. The hospital’s CEO took time to explain the positive changes and additions that have been made to the hospital, including the welcoming of new doctors to the area and the continued work of a new urgent care facility.

Doctors that have been recently been added to the team include pediatrician Daniel Garvin, MD, internal medicine specialist E. Doug Larsen, DO, and general surgeon Kyle Jeffery, MD. Each took time to introduce themselves, explain their work at Castleview and answered questions for those in attendance.

Holyoak continued the presentation with discussion on the new urgent care facility being built in Price. Located at the corner of 300 East and 100 North, the nearly 12,000 square-foot facility is currently under construction. The new construction, which is slated to be complete in summer of 2016, will feature urgent care services as well as other health care services, including a pharmacy.

Patients may visit the urgent care for all non-life-threatening, but still urgent, illness or injury, including colds, flu, infections, sprains or strains, cuts, rashes and minor allergic reactions. The urgent care will also offer preventative care such as flu shots, vaccinations and routine physical exams, and have on-site x-ray and lab capabilities.

Along with additional physician offices, a retail pharmacy will be located in building with access to a drive through to enable patients to pick up their prescriptions without leaving their vehicles. This facility will also house a satellite physical therapy as an extension of the Castleview Wellness Center, all for the convenience of the community.

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