Catfish on the Green


By Robin Hunt

July ended with an all night fishing tournament on the Green River. On July 30, fishers checked in and then hit the river to catch the biggest catfish they could. The following day at noon, the fish were measured. 

Fishers registered as teams or individuals. Those who participated as teams measured their two longest fish and combined those measurements. Those who participated as individuals measured their single longest fish. 

Team “Uncle C Crew,” consisting Wayde and Jake Meacham, took first place with a combined length of 55 ¾”. Team “Big Cats Meow” with Mikey and Gracie Burnett took second place with a combined length of 53 ¼”.  Team “Our Sanity” rounded out the top three as teammates Tia Barton and Brandon Carter had a combined length of 49 ¾”. 

In the individual category, Landon Fluckey took first place with a 27 ½” fish while Travis Huff took second place with a 23 ¾” fish. In third place was Aaron Crocker with a 17 ½” fish. 

Boundaries of the tournament were from Nefratiti all the way down to 10 Mile Wash. In total, 126 fishers participated in the tournament, and over $8,000 in cash and prizes were given away at the tournament. 

This event is part of the inaugural Swell River Fest, the rest of which will be taking place this weekend at the John Wesley Powell Museum. Learn more online at

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