CC Commissioners Pledge $30k to TV Show


“The County Seat” executive producer Chad Booth visited a special Carbon County Commission meeting Monday to solicit contributions to his television show.

Booth said “Seat” began as a concept approximately three years ago. Booth approached a select group of county commissioners around Utah who thought they weren’t getting proper media coverage on issues affecting their respective counties.

A few of the areas of concern were jail funding, road closures, wilderness allocations and taxing issues.

“We feel like we have done a good job at communicating those issues in the counties’ best interests,” Booth said. “It became very obvious about two years ago that the counties actually needed their own program.”

Booth said he petitioned agencies for funding and launched a 52-episode run of “Seat” on Jan. 9, 2010.

Booth said he was currently visiting all of Utah’s counties to seek advertisers that would help “Seat” continue airing.

Carbon County Commissioners purchased approximately 36 commercial slots for $30,000. Carbon County became the 16th county to contribute to the show.

“County government is the most important piece of government,” Booth said. “It’s kinda where the rubber meets the road. It’s where things happen that affect you lives every day, and its that last level of government where you can get eyeball-to-eyeball with the people who are making decisions that effect you and talk to them one-on-one.”

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