Celebrate 116 Years of Melon Days


Press Release

Green River looks to celebrate its 116 annual Melon Days Festival Sept. 16-17. Through the hard work of the melon growing families in Green River, tasty, flavorful, delicious melons are something to celebrate!

Green River Watermelons are world renowned, and the community, visitors, family and friends get together for melon-munching fun every September.

Join in the melon fun! Activities like a softball tournament, 5K run, golf tournament, melon carving contest, concert, melon photo contest, bounce houses, pony rides and much more ensure fun for the whole family!

Learn more at melon-days.com or search Melon Days on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, pick up your melons any time from Dunham Farms or Vetere Farms by visiting their melon stands along Main Street.

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