Celebrating 50 Years On the Air with Bobby Sherman


Hearing or knowing of someone who has worked in the radio industry for 50 years is very uncommon. Bobby Sherman, AKA Uncle Rockus, is one of few that is able to say he has done just that.

Sherman grew up in Huntington until the age of 12 when he moved to Beaver. In his early adult years, the thoughts of pursuing a career in teaching crossed his mind and Sherman attended Utah State University. While in college, he acquired a part-time job at a radio station, which helped put him through school. One day, Sherman decided that teaching wasn’t for him. So, he quit school and moved to Carson City, Nev.

While in Carson City, he was hired at a radio station once again. “It was a fun place to begin,” said Sherman. Ever since he landed his first job in the radio business, Sherman has not quit the industry. In total, he has worked at 18 different stations, which does not include networks. Detroit, Los Angels, Portland and Denver are some of the cities in which he has worked, just to name a few. Sherman stated that they weren’t just small town radio stations. For example, the radio station he worked at in Denver had over two million listeners.

Working at radio stations allows individuals to experience events like no other person would. For example, Sherman would travel to Nashville, Tenn. for his job and would set up interviews with different celebrities. Some of the celebrities he has interviewed and taken photos with include Kenny Rodgers, Dolly Parton and Glen Campbell.

Sherman reminisced about the day that he and his mom were in attendance at a concert. While the line was tremendously long and wrapped around the building, Sherman escorted his mother to the front of the line where they were able to get right in due to him working at a radio station. His mother thought that this was really cool.

After working all across the United States, Sherman decided it was finally time to move back to Utah to be around family. When Sherman moved to Price, he was hired on at local radio station, KUSA The Buzz. Later on while working for the station, he acquired the name Uncle Rockus. Sherman explained that this name is a play on words. It simply means loud and boisterous.

When asked what he likes about working at radio stations, Sherman stated that it, “Gives me a chance to spout off. A chance to be heard.” He also commented that he gets a lot of attention because of it.

Today, Sherman still works at KUSA The Buzz. You can catch him on air during his afternoon show on 104.9 True Country or in the evening on KUSA FM 100 for the regular segment “On The Air With Uncle Rockus.”

Fifty years is a long time to be working in one industry. How much longer will Sherman keep doing this? “As long as they find me useful,” claimed Sherman.

KUSA The Buzz will be hosting an open house on Saturday, July 1 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Tuscan. This event will be a celebration for Sherman’s 50th year in the industry. Refreshments will be served. Family members, friends and co-workers from the past who cannot attend the celebration can share memories and send well wishes on the event’s Facebook page linked here.

Photos shown below include some of the celebrities Sherman has met throughout his career


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