Chad Allred Named Carbon County’s Employee of the Month


The Carbon County Employee of the Month for September was announced during the commission meeting that was hosted on Wednesday evening.

For this month, the honor went to Chad Allred, who has been employed with Carbon County since February of 2010 in the janitorial department. Allred was nominated by Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Grange, who was asked to speak on the nomination.

While speaking, Grange stated that Allred is the sweetest and most helpful employee who never complains, even after he is recovering from a surgery. If it is lifting heavy boxes or moving things, he will always help.

“If you work at a place, you need a Chad, and if you don’t have a Chad, I feel really bad for you,” said Grange.

Allred was credited as always being a positive person. When they will have a holiday, he always makes the joke that he is giving everyone the extra day off. To cap off the presentation, Allred was given congratulations from all.

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