Chad Allred Named Carbon County’s May Employee of the Month


During a live streamed Carbon County Commission meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, Chad Allred of the janitorial department was named as the May Employee of the Month.

Allred has been employed with the county since Feb.1, 2010 and is credited as always putting forth a great effort in performing as a janitor throughout the county. There was even a time that Allred had to step up and work by himself for a period of time. Instead of dipping in job performance, he actually took on additional responsibilities without complaint.

It was stated that Allred always takes pride in his work and is very proud to be a part of the Carbon County team as he touches base with all employees. He and his team are known for working hard to assist in ensuring that all buildings are meeting the criteria of COVID-19, not only for employees, but the general public.

Allred was praised by many, thanked by the commissioners, who stated that he is very deserving as employee of the month, then given his award as he was present at the meeting. Allred’s honor will be displayed in the halls of the county administration building for the remainder of the month until June’s recipient is chosen and announced.

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