Chamber Welcomes BodyTalk to Southeastern Integrative Healing Arts Center


Members of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce gathered at the Southeastern Integrative Healing Arts Center on Wednesday to welcome Doug and Sandra Huntington and their BodyTalk business to the area.

BodyTalk is a fast-growing healthcare system that aims to heal the body naturally and reduce or even eliminate pain. Those suffering from allergies, headaches, back pain, stress depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue and much more may benefit from BodyTalk.

“Our body is made to heal itself, ” Sandra explained. “If we go to a doctor with a broken arm, the doctor will help by putting a cast on, but our body heals that bone naturally. BodyTalk is safe, effective and non-invasive. It can be used on its own or can complement other forms of healthcare, alternative or conventional.”

BodyTalk at the Southeastern Integrative Healing Art Center will host an open house on Aug. 5 from 5-7 p.m. Those who sign up and pre-pay will receive 50% off a session. There will also be a drawing for a free session at the open house.

The Southeastern Integrative Healing Arts Center is located at 790 North Cedar Hills Drive in Price. For more information, call Doug or Sandra Huntington at (435) 749-0997.

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