Changing the World, One Friend at a Time


Richard Jewkes and Randi Mecham went to Huntington Elementary Tuesday morning to speak to each grade about their disabilities they deal with each day. Their messages were geared toward treating people with disabilities in a respectful way.

Jewkes, who is bling, showed the students some of the things he uses in his everyday life since. He demonstrated how he uses his cane to get from place to place without running into things. The students were able to ask Jewkes any questions they had about disabilities.

Mecham spoke about her disability, cerebral palsy. This has been a challenge for her since she was a little girl. Because of her disability, Mecham was bullied in school, so she knows what it feels like when others are mean to her. She challenged the students to find someone they normally don’t talk to, and to become friends with them and to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Mecham has spoken to well over 1,000 students about her message. This year, the duo has spoken to Cleveland, Orangeville, Castle Dale and now Huntington Elementary. They go to different schools in Emery and Carbon counties each year.

“I love talking to the kids about my story and how to treat everybody kindly, even if you aren’t the same as others,” Mecham said.


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