Charles (Jack) Potts


Charles (Jack) Potts passed away unexpectedly on April 1st, 2021 at the age of 73. He was born on July 31st, 1947 in Norman Oklahoma to Robert and Elsie Potts. Jack leaves behind and will be dearly missed by his ex-wife Janice Carter, his children, Charity (Dino) Kiahtipes, Emily Carter, Carey Carter, Curtis (Audrey) Carter and son-in-law, Rinji Gregersen. Grand kids, Makita (Andrew) Salazar, Gage Gregersen, Shalece Salazar, Creed Gregersen, Kailiee Wiggins, Saige Peterson, Jehta, Kila and Ashton Matkovich, Bailey Truscott, Vi & Dane Carter and great granddaughter, Zariah Salazar. Special nieces & nephew, Robin, Karla, Ty, Angela and many great nieces and nephews. Close friend, Gopher, amongst many other friends and extended family. They all loved him so much!

Jack was preceded in death by his parents and siblings, Robert L. Potts, Jr, Anita Postier and Thelma Anderson and best friend Curt Carter.

Jack lived many places throughout his life with his family following construction work for his father. Jack enlisted in the Army for 3 years and spent time in Germany during the Vietnam War. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Jack did construction throughout his life and in many states. He could make anything out of wood or leather! He made so many things for his friends and family.

He married his 1st wife, Mary, in Cedaridge Colorado. They moved to Huntington, Utah where he lived for several years. They later divorced.

Jack got his 1st scooter in 1961. This started his love for motorcycles. He rode & raced dirt bikes when he was younger and then rode, and probably raced, many street bikes. He always wanted a Harley Davidson and finally got 1 in 2019  He loved that bike!

He met his best friend, Curt Carter and his young family in 1979. Him and Curt spent countless hours hunting, fishing, playing cards and drinking beer together. During that time, he also taught us kids about the “Side Hill Goudger”. If you were in the mountains and it started to chase you, just turn around because its legs were longer on 1 side than the other, so it would fall down the hill if you turned and ran the other way! Scared us kids to death! We still talk about it.

He lost Curt, his best friend, in 1984 in the Wilberg Mine Disaster. This tragedy changed his life forever. He mourned the loss of him throughout his life and never stopped talking about the good times they had together. He had 2 people he called his heroes, his dad and Curt.

In 1988, Jack went from being a single bike riding, bar hopping, law challenging bachelor to a family of 6. He married our mom, Janice Carter, and became the step father of us 4 kids that he had met earlier in 1979. He said it was hard for him to step in, when my dad was supposed to be there, and we definitely tested and challenged him. But, he persevered, loved us with all his heart and became THE EVERYTHING he wanted to be for us…our father figure throughout our life. He and Janice later divorced and he moved to Las Vegas to work. He and our mom remained good friends throughout his life. After he retired, he moved to back to Cedaridge, Colorado.

He taught us kids everything from shooting a gun, changing our own tire to teaching us how to break in a new baseball glove. He never looked down on anyone, regardless of the choices they made. He was always willing to help anyone and everyone without judgment. He was the kindest, friendliest most good-hearted person you could meet. With that, he never hesitated to play a joke on someone and always got the last laugh…which explains his April fool’s day departure.

Jack moved back to Price, Utah in 2016 so he could be closer to us kids. He spent countless hours with Dino and Gopher. They took Jack in as their own and always made sure he was part of their Kiahtipes family. Jack had so much love and appreciation for the 2 of them.

He spent the last 5 years of his life with his kids, grandkids, his “wing man” and great granddaughter and family…the most important parts of his life!

His best piece of advice….Be honest and true. Life is short. Leave a good memory!

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