Charlie J. Johnston Shares his “Timeless” Art Collection at USU Prehistoric Museum


Art is a timeless passion for Charlie J. Johnston. A renowned painter and sculptor, Johnston displays his talent in many ways. Currently, his “Timeless” art exhibit is on display at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum for everyone to enjoy.

According to Johnston, living in Utah allows him to combine his passion for art and the West.

“Throughout the year, I roam the landscapes of the Southwest, West and Alaska seeking to share what catches my eye,” he explained. “I share what I find with those who know these lands well and others who may never see such a play of light and color on intriguing subjects.”

Johnston paints using acrylics, pastels, oils and watercolors. He also uses pencil, charcoal, pen and ink to sketch. He sculpts and carves as well. The “Timeless” collection captures all these forms of art.

“My training in art started at age seven from a sign painter in the shop downstairs,” Johnston explained. “He let me watch him and gave me paper and pencils to practice. I earned my degree in fine arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.”

He was selected in 2007 as an Artist in Residence for the Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim. He has also had solo shows in Moab and Salt Lake City. His work has been exhibited in the Springville Museum of Art, galleries in Oregon and Minnesota as well at Art for Alaska Parks.

Johnston was the curator of exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota, interpretive specialist on the National Planning Team – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a nature center artist – naturalist.

“I made my art an integral part of my life and my careers,” he concluded.

The “Timeless” exhibit will be on display through April 18 at the USU Prehistoric Museum. Gallery hours are 9-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. General admission rates apply and museum members are free.

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