Charlie’s Pawn Honored with Legacy Award


Charlie’s Pawn Shop opened its doors to the community of Price 35 years ago. In December of 2023, the doors were permanently closed as the business retired. As a new award for the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce (CCCC), the shop was recognized when Janet Roedel was given the Legacy Award during the 2024 Installation Banquet.

Charlie’s Pawn began humbly as a TV repair shop that was family-owned. The shop grew and expanded over the years into the shop that the community came to know, love and utilize often.

“Charlie’s Pawn was built on trust, loyalty, kindness and integrity. Charlie and Janet felt so lucky to have a shop in the same small town they both grew up in,” said CCCC’s Lisa Mortensen. “They built friendships with all of their customers and were called by many ‘Uncle Charlie’ and ‘Aunt Janet’ even though there was no family relation.”

Mortensen explained that it was not uncommon for Charlie and Janet to make a pawn or give a great deal knowing that the pawn shop would lose out, because it was more important to them to be kind to someone that was in need than to make a profit.

When Charlie passed away, Janet could not let the shop close. Their nephew, David Johnson, was promoted to manager and the pawn shop remained a great family-owned and operated business, continuing to provide the exceptional service that all came to know and love.

“Janet and David will miss Charlie’s Pawn, but will especially miss the visits from the community, visitors from out of town and friends that have become family. Thanks for a great 35 years,” Mortensen concluded.

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