Cheri Call Entertains During 2024 Culture Connection Second Session


The second session of the 2024 Culture Connection in the Park series was hosted on Thursday evening. Price City Councilman Layne Miller welcomed everyone before giving out some well-earned thank you’s.

He first thanked Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos and the council, saying that the concerts would not take place without them. Councilman Miller thanked Ted Hinckley, who is now the man in charge of arranging all of the bands that play throughout the series each season.

“He does what I did for a while, but he’s good at it and I never was, so we’re glad to have him,” Councilman Miller joked.

The sound guy, Thomas, was also thanked before Councilman Miller urged the crowd to take advantage of the vendors that were in attendance. Following, he announced that on July 4, the concert will move to the Carbon County Fairgrounds in conjunction with the county’s annual fireworks show.

For that evening, the bands performing will be Mountain Country and Route 89. On August 15, working in conjunction with Helper City, the concert will be moved to the Helper Main Street Park to help kickoff the annual Arts Festival.

Finally, Councilman Miller announced that the musical entertainment for the evening would be Cheri Call, who has done a lot of singing, written her own songs, put out her own albums and played all over. Councilman Miller stated that it would be easy to tell right away that Call is a real professional with a lot of experience.

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