Child Development Through Parent/Child Interaction Activities


Carbon School District Press Release

Children’s first and most influential teachers are their parents and family. They play an important foundational role in the child’s learning and achievement. When parents and educators work together in the education and well-being of a child, a partnership is formed that will influence the best possible learning outcomes for the learner.

This year, Carbon School District preschool has a goal to increase parent involvement in their child’s education. They are facilitating this through fun parent/child interaction activities that are going home each month. January’s activities center around the book “The Biggest Snowman Ever” by Steven Kroll. Each family received a copy of the book with fun, winter-based activities to do as a family each week. The fall activities centered around the book “The Gruffalo.” Each child received a copy of the book and different activities families could do in September and October.

The activity for the month of December was a Christmas chain. One link of the chain was removed each day with a fun, simple activity for the parent and child to do together. Many parents sent photos or projects they had completed at home back to school for the child to share with their class.

Next month, the parent/child activity will focus on increasing acts of kindness at home. Each child will receive a chart with a variety of acts of kindness listed. When a child completes a kindness, they will get to put a star sticker by the kind act they performed. When their chart is full, they will get to bring it to school and display on the “kindness” bulletin board and tell their class what they did.

“It has been fun to watch the children return to school after completing a fun parent/child activity at home,” program leaders shared. “They are anxious to share what they have done with the others in their class.”

This year, David Peczuh, an adult with disabilities who attends the Castle Valley Center, played Santa for the preschool Polar Express party. David was excited to get to be Santa this year, and he did an excellent job! Brandle Colonna, a high school volunteer at the Castle Valley Center, raised money to get each student a special gift from Santa.

The district is fortunate to have wonderful preschool teachers. Kristina Schade and Carrie Timothy serve students with significant disabilities at the Castle Valley Center. Racquel Adams is the teacher at Creekview. Tammy Edwards teaches at Bruin Point. Stacie Turpin is at Sally Mauro, and Torie Snyder is at Wellington Elementary.

The district is currently recruiting preschoolers for the 2020/2021 school year. Tuition is $50 per month for the three-year-old class and $75 per month for the four-year-old class. Please call Beverly Martinez if you are interested in enrolling your child at (435) 637-9150.

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